Hold the Line - a Praetorian XXIV Project

Way back in 1997, Games Workshop released a limited run box of Imperial Guard models known as the Praetorian XXIV.  Loosely inspired by turn of the century British Colonial Troops (in particular those involved in the Rourke's Drift battle against the Zulu nation) these were hugely popular models following their use in the Games Day diorama 'Encounter at Glazer's Creek' (also known as Big Toof River).

I'm lucky enough that I found an untouched box recently - which I'm adding to my Mordian forces, but an addition that will have enough character to be able to stand on it's own.

The box set comes with:

1) Lieutenant with Chainsword and Bolt Pistol

2) Command Squad with Vox and Grenade Launcher

3) Commissar

4) Squad One - Sgt, Heavy Bolter and Flamer

5) Squad Two - Sgt, Mortar and Flamer

6) Heavy Weapons Squad - 3 Las Cannon Teams

On top of this, I've added an extra squad:

7) Squad Three - Sgt, Heavy Bolter and Flamer

In support of these, I've purchased a squad of Forgeworld Charonite Ogryns, which will be converted to have shields, making them into Bulgryns.  These models are a little more ornate than the standard Ogryn kit so will fit nicely.

I'm also going to make this a mechanised army - each squad will have a Chimera.  To denote the Command Chimera, I've used a Forgeworld Aurox:

There will also be an Armoured Column to sit alongside these, made of Leman Russes of various marks...

Check back soon for further updates!


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