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When claiming support = equals abuse, Spikey Bits Crosses The Line.

If you've been around the GW hobby for even just a short while, you'll have encountered a website called 'Spikey Bits' (SB for short throughout this article).

Once upon a time, SB was a 'go to' rumour site, with it's creator, Rob Baer, Harvesting tidbits of information from all over the web, adding in articles about modelling, painting, tactics - a really nice and useful support tool.


Somewhere along the way, it changed. It became bitter in tone, biting the hand that fed it (Games Workshop) to a certain extent as GW retreated from social media, putting out harsher and harsher critical articles out, on everything from pricing to model choices, rules to background.

There are also many occasions where gamers themselves needed to challenge SB for their actions - allegedly stripping pictures from blogs and reposting them without credit, refusing to remove them when the owners asked hiding behind ephemeral 'TOCS' which are posted on their websi…

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