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Adding Units to the Praetorian XXIV - Glory Boys and Hotdogs!

Now I have the 'core' of the Praetorian Army done (each squad is a Veteran squad), it's time to start adding supplemental units to the army, to add depth...

First up is a 4th
Troops choice - Tempestus Scions. For my background, the Scions are seen as 'Glory Boys', they're not from Praetoria, don't follow the same code as the XXIV and always seem to only be there when the pict recorders are running...!

To differentiate them from the XXIV, I decided to paint them blue, with white accents. This was easy enough given the armour they wear, and the head choices - for these, I went with the berets.

To make them a mobile choice, I've added a Taurox Prime - chosen as it has a handy missile launcher on the back! It's a little more pricey, but I hope it will work as a good firebase. The 'standard' Taurox has track units rather than wheels, something I've never liked about the design, so I swapped them out for some large wheels I had knocking about…

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