Interlude: A New Army for a change of pace..!

As the keen viewer will be aware, I'm amassing quite a large Eldar army.

Now, the updside of this is that I have a large army, nicely painted, that I can be proud of.

The downside is... I have a large army that I've painted!

Painting the same colour scheme so many times tends to become a chore, rather than a joy, so to avoid this, I've taken on a side project...

The intention behind this project is to build an army with two purposes:

1) To enter this year's Armies On Parade competition

2) To be a '2nd use' army to my Eldar.

I've had a Necron army before, but I did really get to grips with it, and found painting it a little... dull to be honest.

However, with the introduction of Dynasty-specific rules, and a little more background of each given, I flicked through the new Codex, and fell upon the Novokh Dynasty, a younger Dynasty but one which was gaining ground...

The colour scheme also appealed to me - the blood red faces and shoulders giving a nice contrast to the metals.

So what have I got to start with? Where is this army beginning?

The new Forgebane box is a good, solid start - I grabbed two Necron halves from a friend who loves Knights!

Alongside this I bought the 'Start Collecting' Box:

And, for a bit of fun, I've bought a few Forgeworld kits - the Tomb Sentinel and Tomb Stalker....

This gives me:

2 Overlords (one aboard an Anhillation Barge)
2 Cryptek
10 Immortals
10 Lych Guard
6 Canoptek Wraiths
12 Warriors
3 Bases of Canoptek Scarabs
5 Deathmarks

The plan is to only build a unit at a time and then paint it, to avoid being tempted to use unpainted units...

This week has seen the painting of the first Cryptek:

12 Warriors:

And the 3 bases of Scarabs:

Next up will be the squad of Immortals!


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