NEW 40K!

Yesterday, in an announcement on Warhammer Community (you know where to go right?), Games Workshop gave us a taste of what's to come with the new edition of Warhammer 40,000...

That's right, a NEW edition! But that's putting it slightly.... in fact, this edition (8th if you keep count) is going to be such a large shift from the previous editions that it's going to invalidate the existing codexes...

<cue lots of crying and shouting from entitled gamers who think their gaming books are an 'investment' - take a look here, but don't say I didn't warn you>

I think that this is a great thing - it throws off the shackles inherited from previous editions and allows creativity to shine through.

This approach could be seen in the Gathering Storm volumes - armies made up of Marines, Ad Mech, Grey Knights and Eldar are seen working together - something that has given me a huge amount of inspiration for my new army (see the previous post on the beginning of my Grey Knight army).  Removing the previous edition codexes and replacing them with new versions will allow armies like this to be more easily pulled together I hope, with alliances being common (and fluffy).

I'll be talking more about the new edition in the coming weeks - it's triggered an excitement in me that I haven't had for playing the game in many years, so expect much frothing and shouting as the launch gets closer!

Talking of which...

James Bragg, one of the Store Managers at Warhammer World, Twitter user and all round great hobby advocate has set down a challenge for the new edition, coining the hashtag #new40knewarmy which I will be taking part in with the Grey Knights (and whatever else takes my fancy)!

So far I've been taking my time painting as I want to do the best possible job on these guys... but here's some more progress shots!

First Combat Squad done:

Brother Captain Stern:

And Inquisitor Hector Rex (his war band is to come..)

Next up is a Dreadknight, and a few vehicles... stay tuned!


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