Spring 2017 - New Army!

Each year, I try to pick a new army from one of the systems I play and work on that as a major project for the year. This gives my somewhat magpie approach to gaming a little focus (this is known as avoiding the 'Shiny Toy Syndrome').

At Christmas, I decided on Space Wolves. This was due to the Wolves being one of the few armies I'd never painted, they're prominent in recent storylines (see the excellent Warzone Fenris for more on the Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons story arc) and have some great sculpts.

This was not to be however... After painting Ulrik, which is a stunning miniature (I'll be posting about this later) I thought this was the army for me, but when I began to paint the rank and file, I just couldn't get motivated painted so much grey.

So it was back to the drawing board!

After a lot of consideration and the release of both Book Seven of the Horus Heresy series from Forge World and the glorious Ixon Hale miniature, I decided that Legio Custodes would be the project.

This fulfils two aspects for me - I can use the Legio with Horus Heresy in mind, with all their fun Grav tanks and bells & whistles, but also use them as part of a Talons of the Emperor army for 40k, replacing the Grav with Rhinos & Land Raiders.

So here we go - the first two Custodes are done, and a lot more to go...
 Custodes Vexilia. Rather than painting the Vexilia in solid gold, I've gone with a spot colour of white for the wings.

Custodes - I want the armour to look a little more 'worn' than some of the Gw schemes, hence the lack of red or other strong colours.  This means that the gold plating looks colder.  Adding to this is the bases - all of which will be covered with snow (as with pretty much my entire collection).

Stay tuned for more updates on this army!


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