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2018.- A Hobby Year in reflection.

I can't quite believe, as I sit here writing this, that 2018 is but a month away from ending!

I thought I'd take the chance to look back at the year in terms of my hobby, and look forward to 2019...


I started the year with the idea that I'd paint a 1000 points of a new army before looking at any other project - and I succeeded!

Having already built and painted a Word Bearers army for Horus Heresy (and got matching tattoos for it...), I decided that I needed a 40k version!

Of course, I had to start somewhere... Given that the Ultramarines have now got Guilliman back in charge, I chose to take Lorgar in his 'ascendant' form as the WB's Daemon Prince!

By the time I was finished with this army, I'd amassed 4000 points... and it's still going!
February saw the Heresy / Necromunda Weekender in Nottingham.  This was the first 'residential' weekender I'd been to, and I loved every minute - from the seminars where we heard about th…

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